Enactapreneur (ETP)

A pro-bono consulting program that accelerates the growth of local start ups and aims to address the issues surrounding entrepreneurs that prevent them from being successful. Enact-A-Preneur is comprised of 3 main services; Enactus UofT student consulting, free professional services and high school student internships. Within one year of our pilot project we have secured for our clients over $50,000 worth of professional services and our startups in our program have seen a 60% improvement in marketing, 65% increase in client acquisition, and 40% growth in gross revenues.

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A skills training and practical work experience platform for youth between the ages of 16-18. In association with our pro-bono consulting project, Enact-a-preneur, selected students are trained and paired up with passionate entrepreneurs in the city to gain valuable work experience and a TDSB approved co-op credit. After just 6 months of launching our You-Elevate program last year, we have already partnered with 3 high schools, and developed customized programs for 5 students, within 4 official start-ups.



EcoPackers is a social enterprise, which aims to reduce the harmful impact of plastic pollution in our environment while developing meaningful employment opportunities and youth programs. EcoPackers is the first all-Canadian packaging peanut company, and currently aims to focus on growth and development within the Atlantic Canada sector, eventually creating a sustainable and environmentally friendly movement within communities, permitting them access to jobs and training and economic support, an initiative that can be realised with the help of initial grants and funding. Associates within the team will be responsible for securing community partners, acquiring funding for the program, and creating workshop content for communities that will be impacted by EcoPackers. Associates are expected to be genuinely involved within the company, integrated into company structure, and success.


Educating & empowering marginalized women in Toronto through the delivery of custom financial literacy workshops. Last year, we equipped a total of 40 women with the basics of budgeting, the confidence to utilize banks, and an understanding of the importance of financial literacy. We are using the power of financial literacy to uplift, equip and improve the lives of marginalized women right at home.


The Ideation portfolio is a newly-incepted concept dedicated to collecting insights and designing, prototyping, testing and implementing innovative social solutions to issues in our communities. If you are passionate about entrepreneurship and believe in its power to enact positive change, then this is an ideal position for you! Successful candidates will develop valuable problem-solving skills to change lives, to change the world.