What Does ETP Do?

Enact-A-Preneur (ETP) is a pro-bono consulting program that aims to accelerate the growth of local start-ups and to empower aspiring students in the fields of consulting and entrepreneurship. Our teams of consultants provide high-quality work that realize and solve our clients' opportunities and challenges.

 Within the first year of ETP, we have secured for our clients over $50,000 worth of professional services and our clients have seen a 60% improvement in marketing, 65% increase in client acquisition, and 40% growth in gross revenues.

 Our graduates have landed on full-time or internship consulting positions at firms including Accenture, Deloitte and PwC, creating a valuable network for the ETP group.


Marketing Strategy

We employ tried marketing techniques in tandem with high-quality research to identify any unexplored customer segments, and deliver insights about your target demographics. Our deliverables focus on both quantitative and qualitative analysis so that we can help you to both engage new customers and retain existing ones.

Product Development

Our product development team works with start-ups to identify and target market for their technological products by conducting user research and producing growth strategy. Depending on the need, our consultants will engage at varying levels, spanning from market analysis to product strategy and even road-mapping.

Competitive Strategy

By diving deep into your industry and scooping up every last detail, ETP consultants deliver comprehensive competition analysis that aids your understanding of the business landscape, points of improvement and possible pivoting directions. We support your business to stay ahead of the competition.


Lets Chat…

Please contact us regarding your enquiry. Please be as detailed as possible. To help us best service your enquiry, we recommend that you first describe the issue you’re having before telling us what you want to achieve.

Email: enactapreneur2019@gmail.com

Phone: (647) 863-8799